Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Is your attitude in the toilet?

Jaden, our 6 y.o. has about grown out of funny sayings, but today he rattled out a funny one.  He was in the middle of cleaning the toilet in the upstairs bathroom and was bragging about how good he is at cleaning the toilet.  He learned early on how to clean toilets helping me clean at the cabin after guests at our hunting ranch.  I have always praised him up & down for this as I would love to have a helper for this job!  So, he thinks he's pretty good at it by now (which he really is - he's the best out of the 3 boys for sure).  He's just talking away, saying "Mom, I'm really good at this! I'm probably the best toilet cleaner there is." "This is one of my talents!" Agreeing with him, I said "You bet, just keep it up.  Someday when you're married if you will help your wife clean the toilets, she will be so happy to have your help. She will know you love her to help with such a gross chore."  to which he responded.."Oh mom, it's not gross, you just have to think about flowers & bunnies! Just turn your head away and think about flowers and bunnies and really that's all you have to do." I told him, "You're right its all in your mind and your attitude in how you approach the task."  What a good lesson for today.  Hope you're attitude isn't in the toilet!