Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My mother's day photo

I hardly ever get a picture with me and my boys. So, for several years, I have tried to keep up a tradition of having Jeff take a picture of me with my boys on Mother's Day. So at least yearly I have one. After church is usually a good time since we're all in nice clothes. I love these 3 rowdy boys. They keep me smiling with all their antics. So even though its a late post. I had a wonderful mother's day. Zack made me breakfast (broke the knob to the stove off in the process, but it was good.) He made me a coupon book with a whole bunch of chores he's willing to do to help out. I'm going to hold him to it too. I can always use more help. I got lots of hugs and kisses too. Jeff had my car detailed! That was wonderful. Those 3 sure mess it up pretty fast, so have a clean car is quite a luxury these days. It looked fantastic. I love all these boys in my life Jeff included. Thanks for loving me so good!

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