Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Come with us as we enjoy the journey...

I've been wanting to do a family blog for quite a while, but have struggled with knowing whether I wanted one more thing to try to keep up. The problem is, many things in my young kids life are going by without being documented because I'm not good at writing in my journal and I'm honestly so far behind on my scrapbooking, it feels like I'll never catch up. I have been very inspired as of late through several friends who are quite good at keeping up on blogging their family life. I find myself jealous of the record they are creating about their families and wishing I would do the same. Doing better at recording my family events is part of my new years resolution anyway, so I think I will get this up and running. Life is so rushed, I constantly feel pulled in directions that are often a distraction from the things I feel are important and away from where I want to spend my time. My kids are growing so fast that I'm starting to feel like I'm missing it. Right now, Zackrey is 7, Payton is 4 and Jaden is 3. I just want to keep them young a little longer, but they vehemently rebut any argument that I make for keeping them young. I know I need to really take the time to enjoy this journey we are on. "Take time to smell the roses", so to speak. So come with me as we take some time out to share our journey with you. I hope this will help us all stay in touch a little bit better so check back often and be ready for some crazy times.

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  1. Hey, cute friend, I am really glad you're doing this! Your kids will be, too. I just "caught up", read everything, and I am excited to get together soon! It's summer, let's party! My boy needs some time with real boys, and your boys can pretend to have two sisters! :)