Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Many Faces of a Lerwill Boy!

One of our favorite things is to spend time with family and friends at our cabin. In early January, we invited Gailiene & Melvin Rudd and Jeff's brother Ryan and his wife Kalle. We all brought our kids and had a great weekend of doing nothing but snowmachining and playing. This game is called dog pile on uncle Jeff! He loves to lay on the floor and invariably as soon as he lays down there's kids on top. He's kind of a kid magnet.

When Ryan and his kids get together with our kids we have a whole bunch of boys. (They do have one wonderful girl Anyia who is terribly outnumbered.) So here are the Lerwill boys:
Logan, Skyler, Zack, Tukker, Payton, Jaden & Dillon. Jeff's sister Lisa also has a boy the same age as Payton so when we're all together at Grandma's its a whole passle of boys all under the age of 8! But they don't stay calm for very long...

They are usually running, showing off, and being totally crazy. Look at those muscles!! I'm so thankful for Ryan & Kalle and their kids. Its been great raising all these boys near each other. They always have so much fun playing together. They're going to have years of memories ahead of them. I hope they always stay close. Thanks guys for the friendship!

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