Friday, May 15, 2009

Funny Pretend Play- "The Christmas Dinner"

Ok, so listening to my little boys play absolutely cracks me up. This morning, Payton and Jaden were outside playing an imaginary game after Zack left for school. It was still a little cold outside and they came in a little chilled talking about their "game" they were playing. They do a lot of imaginary play, but its usually in narration form. The process of the game is to just go around and tell 3rd party what they are doing. So instead of actually being the characters, thye tell each other what they are imagining they are doing. Anyway its a funny odd way of playing I think. They came in the house and proceeded to explain that they are playing Christmas dinner (no concern that its the 16th of May). They both had different names: Justin and Jaxton and I'm the Mom and Justin (Payton) had invited Jaxton (Jaden) over for Christmas Dinner. :) They even came in and pretended to put up the Christmas tree. Then "Jaxton" told me that they were going to serve hamburgers and french fries with ketchup for dinner. they went out for a bit and came back in & "Justin" told me they were waiting for "Jaxton's" mom & dad and brothers and sisters to get here for the dinner. Justin then preceeded to introduce "Jaxton" to his sister (our new kitten named Cindy). "Mom, Cindy can be my sister." Needless to say I've been laughing all morning. I just had to share and write it down so I don't forget these fun moments.

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