Saturday, May 30, 2009

Aren't Dad's Great!

Jeff is such a good father. As I tuck my exhausted boys into bed tonight I am so grateful to be married to a man who loves his boys as much as he does and takes the time from his busy life to make memories with them. This afternoon, they saddled up the horses and spent several hours going for a horse ride. When they got done, they put the horses away came in the house long enough to get jackets and fishing gear and then they were off to go fishing. He took them out to our property on the South Fork of the Snake River and they fished until 11p.m. where they staggered in and dropped in bed but not before sitting up out an almost dead sleep to exclaim exitedly about all the fish they caught. They release several, but kept 3 to bring home for dinner. They couldn't harldy keep their eyes open, but their mouths were all yacking at once tyring to explain their night. As soon as I kissed sunburned cheeks that smelled like fish and listened to prayers, they were almost instantly asleep again. I missed being there to take pictures of it all, but I was happy to catch up on several much needed projects and got the whole house clean and the laundry all done. Thanks Jeff for giving me a break and making memories to last a lifetime with your boys. I love you!!

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