Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Payton's Baptism

Payton Jeffrey Lerwill was baptized on May 12th by his father Jeffrey Lynn Lerwill. He normally would have been baptized on May 5th but w had stake conference and so they moved the stake baptisms to the following week. He was so excited and he has really taken the decision to be baptized seriously. I know he has a testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ.  It was such a special day.  All of our extended family was there except my brother who is in Denver.  He even has 2 great grandparents alive that came.  My dad's dad, Dee Bowen "Gramps" & my mom's mother, Phyllis Moss.  It was special to have them there for this.  Gramps got up after the confirmation and asked if he could share a story about how the Holy Ghost saved his life while he was in the WWII in Korea.  It was very spiritual and I'm so glad to have my kids hear this amazing story from his lips and through his tears.  It was awesome.  The whole day just went so well.  We had amazing weather and were able to have a big luncheon at our house for everyone.  I fixed prime rib (my 1st time ever) and thanks to my mom's amazing recipe it turned out great.  Everyone was drooling and it was gone in no time. Payton was absolutely glowing the whole day.  We are so proud of him.  I am full to the brim with love for my family and for my savior.  Nothing could be sweeter!

My mom, Grandma Bowen, made an amazing book for the grandkids for their baptism. 
She took photos and family history information and made a baptism heritage book.
She used Heritage Makers and made a digital scrapbook.  It full of baptism stories
from all of his ancestors with their photos & testimonies.  It is really special.  She put
so much time into it, it will definitely be something to treasure.  Hopefully Payton can
learn of the wornderful heritage that he comes from & continue in righteous decisions.

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