Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I can't believe he is eight years old already.  What happened to my baby? He turned 8 on Friday, May 4th.  He was really looking forward to this birthday for lots of reasons.  He got baptized and he got to have a friend birthday party too.  We took them to "I Jump", an indoor trampoline park in Idaho Falls for an hour of jumping craziness.  Then we came back home for pizza, presents and more play.  It was a super fun day for everyone.  It has also been tradition for Grandpa Bowen to make the boys their own Fly Fishing Rod for their 8th birthday.  He loves to fish as was really looking forward to that as well.  Grandma & Grandpa came over for cake then next day. 

Payton's cake.  An M&M swimming pool-complete with a diver going in headfirst and 2 guys floating in inner tubes playing with a beach ball.  Making a far out unique cake has always been my tradition that I have done with my boys for their birthdays.  Its basically my gift to them each year.  Grandma's can't wait to see what the cake is going to be this year. 

2 days before his birthday, Payton and Zack were playing catch with a baseball and Payton missed and caught it with his lips.  The strings on the baseball ripped 3 cuts in his lip.  He is loving baseball this year.  He  is playing in the "minors" and is on the same team as Zack and his cousin Skyler.  Jeff & Uncle Ryan are coaching it together so its been real great memories so far.  They have learned a lot and Payton is getting really good at playing catcher.

Playing Dodgeball at I Jump

Zack with an "in-the-air" release.

These 3 trampolines ended in a great big foam pit.  They boys had a blast doing all their gymnastics tricks into the pit.

Zack said, "I love showing off for teen agers!"  The older kids were all so impressed with the tricks he could do.

So many trampolines....so little time.

PIZZA!!! Bryson, Skyler, Zack, Payton, Jace, Braxton, Bryson, & Jaden

One of Payton's favorite gifts was a new metal detector that we got him.  He is going to have a blast hunting down treasures in our back yard, at the cabin and on vacations. 
Happy Birthday Payton!! We love you.

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