Tuesday, May 22, 2012

School is almost out!

Hurray!  I can't wait.  I am so ready for school to be out.  I am tired of homework and all of the structured routines.  I just want to be together as a family and make good memories.  This year at Payton & Jaden's school they had a goal to read 70,000 books.  The principal always does a fun party with the kids if they meet their goal.  They finally reached it just a few days a go, so today was their Western Reading Party.  They played fun games out side like sack race, barrel riding on a stick horse, wheel barrow race, 3 legged race, a stick pulling game (just like Joseph Smith - said Jaden) a carriage ride pulled by Klidesdale horses and even ice cream.  They had a lot of fun old antiques, showing the kids what it might be like to churn butter or iron clothes with the old heavy irons.  They came home super excited about their special day. 

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